Donovan Watts

The upcoming clamp down at work has prompted me to remove all the personal things from my work laptop. Quite an adventure. So much intertwined. It’s going to take some getting used to.

OK, Blot is awesome. I ponied up the $20 annual fee.

I really, really want to delete my IG account. The only thing holding me back is that my IG photos integrate with the Gyroscope app. I wish the Gyroscope people would offer an alternative to adding photos.

discovered fman. wow. exactly what the doctor ordered.

Happy fucking new year

Moved all my notes into NotePlan

Ugly Xmas sweater party. Check.

Posting to from MarsEdit. Now we’re talking.

determined to rid myself of a graveyard of todo’s. it’s exhausting. going to purge my things backlog and try living day by day.

Reading do yourself a favor: ditch the to-do lists, and start living in your calendar today

i’m late to the party. just discovered grimes and really diggin’ her music.

trying to convert my everything to NotePlan

though i’ve been on the beta of marsedit for years, i ponied up for a license yet again. time to pay. love that app. wanted to start blogging again. this time to slack so my coworkers can follow along.

Ordered a 2nd homepod from B&H for $250. Absolutely loving my homepod.


your phone is a tool, not a boss

Fun bday night with Michelle and friends.

Been playing Exploding Kittens with my family. Kids can’t get enough. Neither can I.