Amazon buys Apple. Crap.

So what’s next. Is Amazon going to buy Casper, my friggin pillow?

Remember when you didn’t know jack fucking shit about Emacs or Org mode? Yeah.

Obviously, the Emacs docs I am reading are not created by Mac/iOS sheeple. Again, not complaining, just sayin’.

OK, so Meta is the Option key on a Mac. Got it. Emacs instructions are challenging.

In Emacs, we formally define a key sequence (or just key) to mean a sequence of keyboard (or mouse) actions and a com- plete key to mean one or more keyboard sequences that invoke acommand


This whole Emacs endeavor is totally foreign to me. Emacs and Org mode documentation do not make it easy. You have to work for it. That’s for sure. Not complaining. Just sayin’. Out of the box apps are easier. I don’t mind.

Learning about Emacs and Org mode from scratch. I’m a babe in the woods. Loving it.

going org mode

Reminds me of that scene from The Shining @jack